Laboratorios e Industrias Iven, S.A. under the name of “Instituto Veterinario Nacional” was founded in 1928 in the city of Barcelona (Spain), as a shareholder company. In 1933 the company moved its installations to the city of Madrid (Spain). The strong development of the Company in the Spanish market during the 1960s, resulted in the opening in 1992 of its current plant located in an industrial area of the same city of Madrid
In 2006, Iven joined the group of Maymó Laboratories, S.A., which significantly reinforces its presence in the domestic and international markets.

However, the dynamics of Iven didn’t an end there. Many generic products developed by Iven, are manufactured and available for both the Spanish and overseas markets.

In line with Iven’s main objective for the past 80 years, an extensive range of veterinary products has been developed. The manufacturing range of  Iven’s products includes the most common veterinary pharmaceutical forms i.e. sterile injectable, tablets, bolus, podwers, solutions for internal and external use, creams, aerosols etc. The company product portfolio also includes Pharmaceuticals (Antibiotics, and ect- and endoparasiticides) and Biologicals (Virus and bacterial vaccines).

Research and Development

Aware of the necessity to advance within the field of research and development, some of the work is carried out in collaboration with national institutes, including numerous publicly approved research centers and prestigious universities in different fields.
The ultimate objective of IVEN is to offer more efficient products and dedicate itself to the mission of improving the quality of animal health by commitment and innovation.

Laboratorios e Industrias IVEN S.A.

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