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About IVEN


Under the name of “Instituto Veterinario Nacional”, Laboratorios e Industrias IVEN, S.A., was founded in 1928 in Barcelona (Spain). The company moved to Madrid (Spain) in 1933.

In 2006, Laboratorios e Industrias IVEN, S.A. joined the MAYMÓ group. This acquisition allowed the company to increase its presence in the domestic and international markets.

With 100% Spanish capital, the following companies are nowadays part of the MAYMÓ group


Laboratorios e Industrias IVEN, S.A. has developed a wide range of veterinary products: pharmaceutical products, nutritional products and biocides. This range includes all kind of pharmaceutical forms, mainly oral and injectable products. Our extensive portfolio allows us to answer the needs of our most demanding customers.


Aware of the need of continuous evolution within the field of R&D, the main objective of Laboratorios e Industrias IVEN, S.A. is developing, manufacturing and marketing animal health products following the European standards of quality, safety and efficacy. This important work is carried out by our team of experts in collaboration with research institutes and universities.


The product portfolio of Laboratorios e Industrias IVEN, S.A. is marketed in Spain and Portugal under the IVEN brand. At international level, we have a strong network of local distributors, allowing us to market our products in different countries worldwide.